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Posted on Jul 15, 2019

American Shaman Kava Bar

Frequently Asked Questions (5)
Q: What is proprietary nanotechnology?
A: It is our process of breaking down the CBD into nano-sized particles, so they become more bioavailable, faster acting, and longer lasting.

Q: What makes your products different from your competitors?
A: CBD American Shaman’s products are different because of our proprietary nanotechnology. It makes our CBD more bioavailable, faster acting, and longer lasting. Imagine a basketball full of BB pellets sitting on your kitchen floor. It only covers a small portion of the floor. Now, picture the basketball breaking open and all the BB pellets spilling out. They spread out over the entire floor. This is what our proprietary nanotechnology does, it breaks the cannabinoids down thousands of times to a molecular level. The smaller the particle size, the easier it is for the cells of your body to absorb it. Every time you cut the particle size in half, you increase its surface area. Therefore, you won’t need as much of it and you will typically experience an effect in minutes not hours.

Q: Are your products lab tested?
A: Yes, all batches are lab tested and you can access the lab results online.

Q: Are your products organic?
A: Yes, our Hemp products are Non-GMO, and contain no heavy metals, or insecticides.

American Shaman Kava Bar
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